classic machines and tools
fo sheet metal forming
Directly from designer,
manufacturer !
Made in Poland
... since 1992
Terms of condition, purchase, sale and dates of dispatch.

Products manufactured by us are covered by 1 to 10 year-long guarantee,
depending on the product. Guarantee is established by the manufacturer
depending on the product and its equipment. Details subject to normal
wear and tear and other items specified by the manufacturer, e.g. teeth on
shrinker and stretcher jaws, bearings, etc. are not covered by guarantee.
Guarantee does not cover defects, faults, damage resulting from
manipulation, disassembly, improper adjustment, overloading the
machine, tools, incorrect or brutal handling or exceeding other technical
operation parameters.
Purchaser is responsible for problems resulting from lack of skills,
training or technical knowledge. Any costs related to transport (from and
to manufacturer), safe packing, insurance are borne by purchaser.
Doubtful products should be shipped to manufacturer in properly
assembled, packed condition, without intervention, disassembling the
device by customer - complete!
In doubtful guarantee cases, Heliotech company always strives to assist
customer and proposes convenient solutions.

Quality problems are extremely rare at Heliotech.

Heliotech offers high quality products, it has stable market standing since
1993 and delivers solutions to its customers all over the world.
With our strive to limit the price of final product, in relation to
organization of the production in batches, in some instances you will have
to wait a few weeks for the selected machines and tools.

Payment: Advance payment via bank transfer, PayPal or COD - to be

Please do not transfer money before making previous arrangements
concerning price, date of delivery, cost of shipment, etc.

Advance payment is accepted only after making arrangements and at the
moment the product is packed are ready for shipment!

Upon customer’s request, we send confirmation of price, cost of
transport, date of delivery, transfer data in simplified form (e-mail) or
PROFORMA invoice, sent also in e-format.

Lead times for domestic shipments
Domestic shipment of weight up to 30 kg (each box) is performed using
DHL COD. “Sent today - tomorrow at your premises”.
Because we are not typical commercial company, but a manufacturing one
- please be understanding and patient. In some rare instances, the
shipment may take more time since the order and the period could be
extended by 2-3 days.
In case of larger shipments (pallet, forwarding), please be advised that
the lead time can exceed 7 days since crediting your payment.

Lead times for foreign shipments
Courier deliveries related to packages up to 30 kg (DHL and other) are
completed within 7-10 days since crediting your payment.
This slightly longer period is caused because in order to obtain best
prices, we use DHL.
Because we are not typical commercial company, but a manufacturing one
- please be understanding and patient. In some rare instances, the
shipment may take more time since the order and the period could be
extended by 2-3 days. We ship our products once or twice per week.
Obviously, upon customer’s request, we provide service: “on the second
day” or “on the third day” (e.g. UPS) - however these shipments are
extremely expensive.
Shipment of large-sized and heavy products (pallets) is performed by
road transport. Bulk shipment (good price) are organized on weekly-
basis. Please remember the delivery period, i.e. ca. 14 days.
Beginning of the week, shipment from Poland and return at the end of the
In this case, please adjust the ordering and transfer time so that it is
possible to order a forwarder on Wednesday or Thursday.
In this case, bulk goods will be shipped on Monday, Tuesday.
With foreign bank transfer, please make sure that both costs of bank fees
of purchaser and seller - are covered by purchaser.
Bank account in Poland should be credited with correct amount.
In other case, the goods will not be shipped and the money returned to
In case of larger recipients (traders) or expensive goods, safe transaction
using letter of credit is possible.

Any arrangements (e-mail) are possible in Polish, German and English.
Do you have any questions that can be answered by phone? Do not
Talk using technical and general language in German and English.

VAT payers are provided with VAT invoice.
Any foreign customers with valid, verified taxpayer identification number
(VAT, MwSt.) - are provided with net price invoices - 0% VAT (MwSt.)
at export.
Individual customers or companies, that do not pay VAT (MwSt.), must
pay additional Polish VAT (MwSt.) in amount 23%.

We accept orders sent by e-mail, fax (phone for domestic deliveries -
possible erroneous data).

Purchase of products for further export and sale without written approval
of Heliotech is forbidden.

Heliotech strives to continuous improvement of its tools and machines.

Heliotech reserves the right to introduce technical and development
changes to its products. This applies to design and technology of
Photos published on this site may slightly vary from the products actually

In case of any disputes, Court in Cracow, Poland, has proper jurisdiction.
The sole applicable law and procedures while settling the disputes are Polish law
and procedures.