If you significantly change the thickness of the processed sheet, e.g. change from 0.5 to 1 mm - ordinary shrinkers have a problem with such a large range.
In the case of the SR80 model, you can coarse each dimension with a shim packet - and then fine-tune.
The set includes all together - 7 adjustment plates / shims with a thickness of 0.5 - 3 mm (gauge 25 - 11)

Before shipping to the customer, I set approximately "more or less" - so that the recipient without any adjustments can immediately work with the sheet approx. 0.8 - 1 mm (gauge 20 - 21)

The fine adjustment (the wedge between the levers) is set approximately halfway (mentioned + - 6 turns right or left).

Usually if you are working in the range 0.8 - 1.0 mm (gauge 20-21) then there is no need to change shims for coarse adjustment.
A fine adjustment range is sufficient.


Do you want to work with gentle steps, slowly due to the surface quality or fear of tearing the material?
You press the lever down firmly to the natural bumper (the rear lever rests against the body) without fear.
You can also set yourself differently for faster, more aggressive work.
You can "tune" it all to your needs or habits.

Here you have approximately 6 turns to the left, plus 6 turns to the right

If you get lost in the regulation - you can always turn gently to the bumper (forward or backward).
and then turn, back by that number of turns which were optimal for you bevor.
Principle of operation - you use a screw to drive the wedge between the roller and the lever.

I encourage you to use this fine adjustment more frequently, on a daily basis. A very useful feature.

After a few years of use - in the case of older models - with very little wear of the mechanism's elements, often shrinkers stretchers do not want to work properly anymore.
Here in the new model Heliotech shrinker strecher SR80 - even after several years of use without replacing parts,

you can easly adjust this tool back to the factory settings.

This makes the device "almost eternal".

1600x900-SR80-shrinker-stretcher-sight-fine -adjustment.jpg