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manufacturer !
SG1000 Heliotech Shrinker Stretcher Pliers Dural
Made in Poland
Designer Stauchgerät Streckgerät shrinker stretecher dino werkzeuge SG800 SG900
Shrinker stretcher MODEL SR90, throat 90 mm (~3,5"), very rigid "one-part" body  - CNC flame cut from steel slab 50 mm (~2") , than miiled. Shot blasted and powder painted. Jaws hardnes over 60-62 HRC, (special tool steel and sophisticated heat treatment, only Heliotech !).
Very long lastig jaws and  other parts.
Far better than any competitor.
Range, steel: 0,8 - 1 mm   (gauge 22  - 19 ). Stretcher jaws basket and handle is made from bright stainlees steel. User fendly, large rubber hand shank.
... since 1992
NEW MODEL !  Shrinker stretcher
UK-SR90_01608_1024x768_A-Shrinker-Stretcher-90-mm UK-SR90_01608_1024x768_B-Shrinker-Stretcher-90-mm-jaws-closeup UK-SR90_01608_1024x768_C-Shrinker-Stretcher-90-mm-closeup UK-SR90_01610_1024x768_D-Shrinker-Stretcher-90-mm-metal-bending-tool UK-SR90_01613_1024x768_E-Shrinker-Stretcher-90-mm-back-view UK-SR90_01617_1024x768_F-Shrinker-Stretcher-90-mm-throat UK-SR90_ 1024x768_L-Shrinker-Stretcher-90-mm-sheet-metal-forming UK-SR90_01618_1024x768_G-Shrinker-Stretcher-90-mm UK-SR90_01620_1024x768_H-Shrinker-Stretcher-90-mm-profiles-bending UK-SR90_01623_1024x768_I-Shrinker-Stretcher-metal-shrinking-stretching-closeup
UK-SR92_01624_1024x768_K-Shrinker-Stretcher-90-mm--sheet-metal-profiles UK-SR90_01629_1024x768_J-Shrinker-Stretcher-90-mm-closeup-profiles SG900-965x645-Designer-shrinker-stretcher-stauchgeraet-Streckgeraet-dino-werkzeuge
CBN hard turning (62 HRC)
Shrinker Stretcher model Econo 25 mm metal shaping bending forming A
BEST PRICE ! (of course guarrantee)     Shrinker Stretcher
Shrinker strettcher Model ECONO  throat 25 mm, maximally simplified, without
varnishing, without „elegant” elements of bright stainlees steel, CNC flame cut, welded
body. Optically “ugly”, technically fully OK. Materials and heat treatment of important
elements perfect, identical as in the remaining models.
Purpose: full functionality with low price. Each machine is individually assembled and
tested by qualified technician.
Thickness range, steel: 0.8 -1.0 mm. Shrinker Stretcher guarantee 5 years.

UK-econo_01631_1024x768_A-Shrinker-Stretcher-model-Econo-25-mm-metal-shaping UK-econo_01632_1024x768_A-Shrinker-Stretcher-model-Econo-25-mm-metal-forming-closeup UK-econo_01633_1024x768_A-Shrinker-Stretcher-model-Econo-25-mm-profiles-shrinking-closeup
Shrinker Stretcher model SR25 cast body shrinking tightly
UK-SR25_01679_1024x768-Shrinker-Stretcher-model-SR25-and-jaws-box UK-SR25_01680_1024x768-Shrinker-Stretcher-model-SR25-profile UK-SR25_01682_1024x768-Shrinker-Stretcher-model-SR25-shrinking-profile-closeup UK-SR25_01663_1024x768-Shrinker-Stretcher-sheet-metal-shrinking-stretching UK-SR25_01674_1024x768-Shrinker-Stretcher-modell-SR25-shrinking-tightly
cegi_1024x768_A cegi_01644_1024x768 cegi_01691_1024x768 f-04 kopula2_72_d
szczeki_01642_1024x768_roz szczeki_01658_1024x768_suw Pullmax_jag_1024x768 Pullmax_l_1024x768 Pullmax_zbli_1024x768 Pullmax_P_1024x768 trumph_1024x768
SR200_01712_1024x768 SR200_01710_1024x768 SR200_01715_1024x768 SR200_01720_1024x768 SR200_01718_1024x768 SR200_01713_1024x768
KA_kompl_spaw_ja KA_pop_645x965 KA_niebies_kolo_6_bolcy rolki_magaz_niebieski_6szt fi200_fi75_R_niebies_1024x768 fi200_fi75_L_niebies_1024x768_R25_L fi200_fi75_R_niebies_1024x768_3 fi200_fi75_L_niebies_1024x768_waska
zestaw_z_6_dol zestaw_z_fi200 zestaw_kopyrtak zestaw_z_4_dol
rolki_fi75x75_10szt rolki_fi75x75_6szt rolki_fi75x75_8szt rolka_R47 rolka_R55 rolka_R75 rolka_R120 rolka_R220 rolka_R500 rolka_R1000
rolka_R25 rolka_R25_L rolka_R40 e22_1 e23_1 e24_1 fi75_szlif_bocz_1024x768 e29_1 R_47 R_55
R_75 R_120 R_220 R_500 R_1000 R150_L R_25 R_40 R25_L KA_uchw_was_1024x768
rolka_fi200_1024x768 fi200_1024x768_hard_turning fi200_lc10 e28_1
SHRINKER AND STRETCHER   (made to order)
ENGLISH WHEEL "do it yourself  kit" 
ZR_01775_1024x768 ZR_30mm_512x768 ZR_bolec_1024x768 ZR_550mm_1024x768 ZR_zderz_prz_1024x768 ZR_zderz_tyl_1024x768 ZR_01745_1024x768 ZR_01729_1024x768 ZR_01749_1024x768 ZR_01750_1024x768
ZR_01751_1024x768 ZR_01752_1024x768 ZR_01753_1024x768 ZR_01754_1024x768 ZR_01755_1024x768 ZR_01756_1024x768 ZR_01727_1024x768 ZR_01766_1024x768 ZR_auto_nac_1024 ZR_auto_nac2_1024
SR150_01787_1024x768 SR150_1789_1024x768 SR150_1791_1024x768 SR150_00758_1024x768 SR150_1790_1024x768 SR150_1814_1024x768 SR150_1794_1024x768 SR150_00759_1024x768 SR150_1806_1024x768 SR150_1803_1024x768
SR150_00771_1024x768 SR150_1000013_1024x768 SR150_00761_1024x768 SR150_1792_1024x768 SR150_1798_1024x768 SR150_1800_1024x768 SR150_1802_1024x768 SR150_1817_1024x768 SR150_1818_1024x768 ZR_blot_1024x768
round-shrinker-jaws-heliotech-labyrinth-gap-model-diameter-40-mm-03086-1024x768-A-ENG shrinker-jaws-labyrinth-slot-model-fi-40-mm-hand-closeup-171632-1024x768-B-ENG shrinker-jaws-diameter-40-mm-perspective-micrometer-heliotech-03060-1024x768-E-ENG shrink-jaws-labyrinth-heliotech-model-fi-40-mm-hand-closeup-172034-1024x768-I-ENG shrink-jaws-heliotech-model-principle-of-operation-2173754-1024x768-G-ENG shrinker-jaws-heliotech-m shrinker-jaws-heliotech-model-needle bearing-173811-1024x768-K-ENG shrinker-jaws-mounting-holes-view-M5-M6-5-mm-172244-1024x768-H-ENG shrinking-folds-sheet-metal shrinking-folds-sheet-metal-perspective-03073-1024x768-D1-ENG shrink-wrinkles-side-view-sheet-metal-0382-1024x768-F-ENG heliotech-shrinker-jaws-older-model-standard-gap-0208-1024x768-L-ENG
SG2000_1000032_650x958 SG2000_1000034_650x958 SG2000_9697_650x958 SG2000_9700B_1024x768 SG2000_00727_1024x768 SG2000_00728_1024x768 SG2000_00731_1024x768
Shrinker, stretcher, pliers, throat 45 mm.
Application in roofing works.
Body made of duralumin. Large ratio! Copper sheet 0.6 mm shaped in “two fingers”.
Weight only 2.7 kg!!
Comfortable corrections of seam, with outstretched arms - they will not get tired soon.
Thickness range, copper: 0.6 - 0.8 mm
                                                                                      Guarantee 5 years.

Stretching jaws. Very robust, small imprint on the material. Diameter O 40 mm.
Possibility to make very tight curves. To be applied in tools and machines of HELIOTECH,
also in machines of other makes, such as: PULLMAX, TRUMPH, ECKOLD (adapters
Sometimes, it is possible to find great looking inexpensive Pullmax,
This way, you can have three reliable functions in a single machine at low cost:
hammer shear, shrinker, groover!
Suggested revolutions - max 300-400 rpm. Thickness range, steel: 0.6 - 1.2 mm.
                                                                                       Guarantee 5 years
Shrinking jaws. Known for their perfect reliability and resistance to overloads.
“First selection” while equipping shops, schools (misuse by students) or
tinman training centres, that restore oldtimer vehicles (intensive use). One of
the king design. Perfect resistance to overloads.
Thickness range, steel: 0.6 - 1.2 mm
Guarantee 5 years.

Shrinker, stretcher MODEL SR 200, throat 200 mm, rigid body - CNC flame
cut from steel slab 50 mm (~2") , than miiled. Basket with shrinking and
stretching jaws included. Shot blasted and powder painted. Jaws hardness -
above 60-62 HRC.
Thickness range, steel: 0.8 - 1.0 mm.
Guarantee 5 years.

Electropneumatic shrinker, stretcher MODEL SG2000, throat 220 mm.
Solid body of cast steel. Quick and convenient work. Ca. 120 strokes per minute.
Jaws installed using quick-releasing couplers.
Option to very precisely and delicate shrinking (smoothness of surface).
These machines are operated by our customers since 2000 without any defects.
Thickness range, steel: 0.6 - 1.2 mm.
Guarantee 5 years.

Shrinker, stretcher, MODEL SR150, throat 150 mm. Heavy-duty workshop design.
Option of manual control (quickly and accurately) - and foot control (both hands free,
larger sheets). Large ratio, rigidity, light and convenient work. Clamping the jaws in
narrow shear mechanism is especially useful with narrow and deep U-profiles - where
other shrinkers cannot be applied.
Thickness range, steel: 0.6 - 1.2 mm.
Guarantee 5 years.

... for demanding clients. No any import toys ...
perfekt quality, reasonable price ...
- dimensions: diameter O 75 mm (~3"), width 75 mm (~3"),
- expensive tool steel. No spring steel 51Cr V4 50 (W. Nr. 1.8159)
or common construction steel for tempering  for example.: EN8 (C45), 42CrMo4 (EN),
1.7225 (W. Nr.), 4140 (AISI), etc. !!!
- through hardening and tempered to 60-63 HRC (hard as file, razor, almost like “glass”), you can roll
hard welds without any problems
- full radius without contact zone (no flat contact zone, different specialists have different opinions)
- radial runout below 0.02 mm, (~0.0008") (on dial indicator)
- precision tolerances for bearings - ground holes and pins
- perfectly polished (advantage while rolling aluminium !) - polishing operation is time-consuming and
not easy (62 HRC,  Rockwell)
- carefully packed and preserved (wax based German preparation)
-     axis 15 mm diametral, tempered up to 29  - 30 HRC for damage free assembly and dismantling
English wheel, throat 1040 mm. Simple solutions of Heliotech, installation of rolls, so called
quick lowering mechanism and other - became an example to follow by others.
The key to good wheeling machine (operates correctly or not) are rolls and sufficiently rigid
body. Tested model. Exported to many European countries since 1993. Body is carefully
finished. Shot blasted and powder painted.
We manufacture the best rolls around the world. Expensive tool steel.
Hardened and tempered rolls, anvils to hardness 60-62 HRC. Polished.
Thickness range, steel: 0.6 - 1.5 mm.                        Guarantee 5 years.

Features as above. Diameter O 200 mm (~8"), width 75 mm. Low weight (below 9 kg) in case of the dimensions O 200
x 75 mm, (low inertia) should be recognized. Of course, abrasion resistant tool steel (no spring steel or general use
middle hardness steel for quenching and tempering: 42CrMo4 (EN),1.7225 (W. Nr.), 4140 (AISI), etc. !!!).
However, pins (diameter fi 20 mm( are heat ttreated to 29  30 HRC (assembly and disassembly of bearings do not
cause scoring).
Everyone knows that HELIOTECH manufactures the best rolls for English wheel around the world -
- material - expensive tool steel
- hardness - through hardened, 62 HRC Rockwell Hardness.  Distortion free - turned after hardening.
- ration, size to weight - low inertia, quicker operation without slide.
- precision, runout lower than 0.02 mm (~0.0008") (on dial indicator)
- price
You will not find better rolls on this side of the Ocean and the other - regardless of funds. It is a well known fact that rolls
Made by HELIOTECH are the best!

English wheel “do it yourself. For customers who want to save some money -
apply your materials and labour. The sets are frequently bought by customers who want to
have one of the kind English wheel. This applies to size and shape.
Customers make their own body design in “C” letter shape using CNC plasma cutter.
Thickness range, steel: 0.6 - 1.5 mm.
We manufacture the best rolls around the world. Expensive tool steel.
Hardened and tempered rolls, anvils to hardness 60-62 HRC. Polished.
                                                                                                         Guarantee 5 years

Bead roller  MODEL ZR 550, throat 550 mm. Operation range to 1.2 mm (gauge 18) steel. Heavy-duty, simple, rigid design.
CNC flame cut body. Treated rolls "40H" tempered up to 29 - 30 HRC, cutting - tool steel - hardened, t
empered to hardness 60-62 HRC. Shafts on sleeve bearings - bronze / Teflon sinter. Diameter of shafts O 22 mm.
Rated distance between the axes - 51 mm (2.008”). Toothed wheels and rings secured with pressed,
hardened pins (no set screws). Unwanted axial movement is not possible. The set includes: grooving rolls R6, R10, ofset rolls,
bending (3 pcs.), cutting (for ventilation holes, so called gills), raw semi-finished rolls, buffer.
Operation range to 1.2 mm (gauge 18) steel. Smooth grooves, even up to 1.5 mm (natural minimum 2-3 passes)
Easy and inexpensive reconstruction to electrical drive. You need a small gear-motor: 0.25 kW and revolutions below 10 rpm.  
                                                                                                   Guarantee 5 years.

£ 189,-  net     (+ 23%  VAT)
Weight: 8 kg
Shipping & Handling:   look down on the  chart
Original  Design by Wieslaw Rabiasz   
Guarantee 5 years.
£ 133,-  net     (+ 23%  VAT)
£ 166,-  net     (+ 23%  VAT)
£ 219,-  net     (+ 23%  VAT)
£ 219,-  net     (+ 23%  VAT)
£ 312,-  net     (+ 23%  VAT)
Original  Design by Wieslaw Rabiasz   
Original  Design by Wieslaw Rabiasz   
Original  Design by Wieslaw Rabiasz   
Original  Design by Wieslaw Rabiasz   
Original  Design  by Wieslaw Rabiasz   
£ 272,-  net     (+ 23%  VAT) (stand)
£ 945,-  net     (+ 23%  VAT)  (pirce with  4  lower anvils)
£ 616,-  net     (+ 23%  VAT)   (price with 4 bottom anvils)
£ 71,-  net     (+ 23%  VAT)
£ 190,-  net     (+ 23%  VAT)
£ 457,-  net     (+ 23%  VAT) 
(price wiht 6 set of rolls and stock stop, without stand)

£ 993,-  net     (+ 23%  VAT)  (price - body without jaws)
L 314,-  net     (+ 23%  VAT)  (foot drive)
£ 3775,-  net     (+ 23%  VAT)  (price without jaws)
Shipping & Handling (courier DHL / UPS /GLS small packets) - first choice.
Tracking and Insurance. Delivery approx. 4 - 10 working days.
I provide invoices with VAT
Weight: 6 kg
Shipping & Handling:   look down on the  chart
Weight: 6 kg
Shipping & Handling:   look down on the  chart
Shrinker Warranty 5 years.
Weight: 6 kg
Shipping & Handling:   look down on the  chart
SHRINKER  JAWS, diameter 40 mm
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Payment terms: Bank wire transfer, PayPal, Cash (with personal collection)
Inexpensive flights to Cracow and Katowice.
Guarantee 5 years.
Shrinker stretcher Model SR25, throat 25 mm, precisely cast body of cast
steel. Accessories: basket, grip of polished stainlees steel. Great technical
and optical condition. Recognized on Western Europe markets and became a
leader in the field of best reliability and accuracy of execution.
Perfect execution after own corrections, based on original equipment from
over 60 years back, LAANCASTER USA. Guarantee 5 years. Shrinker
stretcher range: steel: 0,8 - 1 mm   (gauge 22  - 19 )
Weight: 1 kg
Shipping & Handling:   look down on the  chart
Weight: 1 kg
Shipping & Handling:   look down on the  chart
Weight: 25 kg
Shipping & Handling:   look down on the  chart
Weight: 96 kg (net)
Shipping & Handling:  
on pallet - look down
Weight: 170 kg (net)
Shipping & Handling:   on pallet - look down
Weight: 126 kg (net)
Shipping & Handling:   look down on the  chart
Weight: 24 + 16 kg   (2 packs)
Shipping & Handling:  
look down on the  chart
Weight: ~ 2 kg  
Shipping & Handling:   look down on the  chart
Weight: ~ 9,5 kg  
Shipping & Handling:   look down on the  chart
Weight: 31 + 21 kg   (2 packs)
Shipping & Handling:  
look down on the  chart
We deliver worldwide.  Large shipment on pallet, please contact us for delivery rates. Please provide zip code. We can deliver World Wide via Parcel Courier, Road Freight, Sea Freight or Air Freight so please let us know.
Other countries please ask !
Shrinker Stretcher new model SR90.metal shapin tool application in Patent Office in progress.
(this model quantitative order only)
(this model quantitative order only)
£ 195,-  net     (+ 23%  VAT)
Shrinker shrinking jaws Heliotech  labyrinth gap 252 x 192